Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips for Men

Have you ever wonder what’s the secret weapon or key for a men to have a successful date? Do you always think of a way to impress girls out there that you admire or initiate for a date? Here we’re going to discuss different ways or tips on how men should actually handle a certain date to have a successful outcome that comes next to being committed.

Back then , as a man , I do always read books about how to have successful dates , and mostly on how to impress most of the girls , sometimes I do asked myself ; “is it with the looks?” , “is it having thousand bucks in my pocket?” , or “should I just confess and kiss her and she might like it soon?” .

Well , here are the tips that I will provide and show you for you to be the most unforgettable date of the girls ever.

 Tip # 1 : Realize a simple truth !

Starting a date with her is really easy if you know already how to start or how to converse , all men should realize this simple truth about your date. Never ever listen to those girls or ladies who always intend telling their ideal man in life. Women aren’t in touch always on what they always tell about their wants when it comes to men. That’s why we have a quotation “Action speaks louder than words”. Be confident of what you have!

Tip # 2 :Girls like Nice Guys as friends , not Dates.

Well , I’m not saying for you guys to be so rude or a jerk who makes up having dirty actions toward those ladies. Nice guys are those who just agree with the women whatever the woman says , it’s like the woman is the one who’s bringing up the atmosphere on your date. Be at your high standards and be a man! Don’t act so cute or squishy , passive guys makes the date worst and boring. Another tip is at the very first date with her , try to say something controversial that would result she’ll be shocked or rather be amazed , but take note , shouldn’t be so creepy or hateful that will have an outcome that she’ll never accept your date the next time.

Tip # 3 : High Standard and Professionalism is a must for women

Remember that dating is not just playing around , chatting and flirting . It’s how you start up a communication that’s next to committing on one another. How will you prove to your woman that you deserve the most? Being a High-Value men is one of the most important dating tips for men. Women admire those men who can stand-up on their own feet , their knight-in-shining-armor in life , and a confident providers.

You don’t need to be literally be a millionaire or to be a son of Bill Gates , but rather show her that from that date you’re the prince charming of those fairy tales out there. Confidence , Sense of Humor , decent looks are considered high value !

Tip # 4 :Beat the Goal ! Be Accepted !

Women usually do some actions or tests on their dates , they usually do this for them to know who should be eliminated among their dates and who should remain. Lower value guys automatically fail on this part. Be cool and have some good humor for the whole date , try to maintain whatever you started as a coolest. J

Tip # 5 : Don’t act committed , Chill and Enjoy !

It’s normal that we men , always buy them dinner go out to those romantic places , and give them bouquet of roses , however , it is not advisable on the very first date. Never ever give everything to a woman that you’ve just first met , it’s like you’re bribing them at the first scene just for them to stick with you. Setting a date in a coffee shop or a simple places , chat and share moments with them is recommended. Show your sensitive side but not too much that will let the woman hates you at the end.

Moreover , women will think after the date on what’s the reason why you didn’t gave them flowers, why not set it up on a very romantic place , from then on , that woman will be more curious about you and like you at the end , most women like mysterious – type of guy.

Hopefully , you find it easy with these simple tips I’ve provided you. I do hope you a good luck on finding your perfect match , and a strong love life soon.