Dating Tips for Women

Dating Tips for Women

It’s either you’re just going back on track or back to the game or this will be your first date, however, it’s not always men do things to impress women. Of course, women need to show how they should be treasured and how they deserve to be admired the most.

 Tip # 1 : Never pressure yourself

Don’t be so witty, or even alluring. Never pretend to be someone. The reason why you’re dating is to let you two know each other, the real YOU and not to show what’s your “wannabe”

Tip # 2: Appropriate

This tip can’t be removed on any tips. Dressing appropriately is the basis of the first impression of a man. Dress comfortably, that makes you feel great and at ease. Dress appropriately based on your age.

Tip # 3: Be respectful

Just like in school, being tardy in class is a no-no. Be on time, be kind, and learn how to acknowledge. We all know that men usually do this acknowledgement, however, women should too.

Tip # 4: Turn off your gadgets or phones

This date is just for the two of you, no one’s invited, and the time is just revolving for the two of you. It’s a bit of being rude to a guy that you’re on a date with him then your phone keeps on ringing or rather twitter’s tone keep buzz in’ up. Might also affect your sweet conversation or might interrupt every single cheesy conversation of a man.

Tip # 5 : Be with the flow! Let him be!

If the man wants to treat you out for a dinner, pays the bill and gave you flower, appreciate and let him do his effort. Remember that men always do their best and try to figure out what you like and your date rules are on a very first date. For the meantime, respect his wants of leading this date first.

Tip # 6: Decide! Be decisive!

If a man asked you about having the next date, or lets you choose between the two options, pick one! Never ask back.

Tip # 7 : Be acknowledging

Always show that you appreciate and listen to him. Never make your date floating as if there just talking to themselves. Be aware of this and focus on your conversation.

Tip # 8: Never show being unlimited, have some wall at least.

Never ever give trust 100% to a man, never share too much on your very first date. Sometimes, playing hard-to-get is what men always look for. Having sex on a first date is a big NO!