To get a Girlfriend not to Look for Girlfriend

To get a Girlfriend, not to Look for Girlfriend!

Many of us (men), always have a false concept of “LOOKING for girlfriend” and not “GETTING a girlfriend”, what’s the difference? That’s what this article is all about, how to have a successful courtship and finding the perfect match for you.

Some boys used to have a concept of looking for someone because of the following reason :

  • They want someone to snuggle them up worth over the winter or coldly days
  • They want to have new things in life to focus on, like taking a break from “the game”, or maybe take a break from a stressful job?
  • Some, they just want to get married and see how their kids from his own genes will look like.
  • Usually, looking for a girlfriend just to treat her a friend with benefits to have regular intimacy.

Whatever that someone has this reason, here are the best steps on how to have a perfect match girlfriend for a lifetime. Moreover, how to seduce women quickly.

1st: Make girls NEED you FIRST, before WANTS

If you want to have a girl on your side every day, or might be forever and ever just like the fairy tales, be a showy type of man. If there’s one thing you need to prove to every girl, it’s being tough and brave of your feelings. Girls would like most if you confess to her before that girl opens up that idea. Don’t make her a princess but rather a QUEEN. Show her the love and not the material things.

It’s just like making it the other way around, giving her everything that makes her feel QUEEN, will always be remarkable for her. If you made this successful? Even one second in her life that you’re not with her makes her miss you a thousand times. She’d reminisce all that you’ve done to her. Remember that girls are most likely developed to those men that are thoughtful, caring, and brave to stand for her.


After making her your QUEEN, don’t forget to be her EVERYTHING, what does it mean? Don’t just act like a Suitor or a Boyfriend, but you should remember to be her Older brother, Adviser, a father, and a Best friend. Never make her feel that you both have limitation to keep.

As the older brother, learn how to protect her from another man, be confident enough that you have this Knight- in- Shining- Armour effect.

As her Adviser, always tell her what’s the best thing to do rather than just saying “yes” whenever she asks for your decision. Girls would love it more when she feels that you decide because you care for her, and not to decide because you’re afraid to lose her. Always make her feel that whatever you decided for the both of you is for the BEST.

As a father, if there’s one thing you need to resemble on father’s role; it would be giving her all she wants and being the sweetest person that she’d ever have. Most of the girls are closed to their father, so-called Dad’s Girl”. Protect her as your own treasure.

As a best friend, remember that NEVER make her feel that your world is just the two of you, look around, discuss and talk about anything under the sun. Too much sweetness ain’t good. Learn to share your secrets with her, you should know her in and out, and let her know you as well not just as a suitor or a boyfriend; but rather as the closest person in this world. Don’t give her limitation. Be her secret-keeper, the one she can lean on when nobody’s shoulder is there, and lastly? If you never made her cry, be sure that you’re the one who will wipe her tears whenever she’s down.

Don’t Commit, when she’s not committed to you.

It’s always a reminder that never makes your world; YOU and HER. Unless she has the motivation that she’s ready to commit to you. The world has a million, billion, and trillions of women out there. Always enjoy life, keep dating!

Never be afraid of it, since you both are not committed yet. You should always keep this in mind that always keep dating, because later on the right one will be one of them.

We have our own senses, we always know to our self if the girl is ready to commit to us and when there’s a magical feeling you both could feel. When you already feel that?

Here’s the last one when you already feel that magical feeling.

Never be afraid of Falling in Love, Let your feelings flow

Developing feelings after dating is always a habit of our feelings or our hearts, it’s something that we really can’t control. It’s because magical feeling is like a bridge connection for both of you. You feel happy when you are together, your day is complete when you see her, you can sleep at ease when she texted you sweet good nights that are full of hearts.

It is guaranteed that we, men’s emotions will necessitate us to make those every single mistake in this article, worse? It’ll ruin all your probability of getting with this woman you love, ending to the most hated words “we’re just friends”, and I’m sure that no Man’s Territory wants to end up like this.

I’ve been with so many girls that I dated, be infatuated, but there’s nothing comparable to the feeling of loving someone and to be loved, it’s Mutual Feeling that makes us all want to have in life! It’s always best to be more aggressive than regret it later on. Feelings automatically fluctuate when there’s no magical feeling in it.