How to Get Your Ex Back

How to Get Your Ex Back

Breaking up with your partner is the nightmare that nobody wants to experience. It’s a phase of our life wherein are mind gets tired of. We always feel different emotions as if our heart breaks into pieces literally. Most of us have this thinking that it’s really impossible having your ex back. However, there are still techniques or ways on how to have them back.

Most of the time, your best friend, friends, peers or even family is out of this scenario, they may not be on your side this time since they really don’t know how you feel, whose wrong and who’s right, why did it happen, and the reasons behind this breakup. Most of them will just tap your back and tells you to move on and on and on. But there’s one thing to be sure, it’s you only who can resolve all of these. You know how it started, how it ended, and of course, you do know how to take back the time.

But before anything else, you should always think of this many times before starting to read this and applying it to yourself. DO YOU REALLY WANT YOUR EX BACK? It’s just a simple Yes or No. If yes, the first thing ever you need to take is to do “NOTHING”. Yes, as in “NOTHING.

To explain further, you two usually haven’t lowered your pressure or tensions yet after breaking up. Thus, whatever you do, say, or even good intention is; they’ll not listen. She/He might push you away from more than listening to your explanations So, at this point, it is highly recommended applying the rules of NO CONTACT for a few weeks. Give time and space, this will let both of you think deeply and cool down, after this, try starting to contact him or her after enough break.

Starting to contact her or him is trying sending SMS or through text messaging. This is highly suggested by many experts on starting to contact your ex to have them back. Be aware that sending “sorry” and “forgive me” is not recommended, saying or telling it once is enough. From then on, start on being friends again, court her and there you can show how much you deserve to have him or her back to your life.