How to Kiss

How to Kiss

What is “KISS”? Is it so important when it comes to a relationship, or just for an intimacy? Do Kisses have its own definitions? Do we really need to know how to kiss?

With this article, you’ll know why kissing plays important on a certain scenario, let’s get started first on a simple kiss. How do we do it, or how do we start a simple kiss?

STEP 1 : Start up Kiss            

Usually, the most difficult part is starting a kiss. Trying to figure out if your partner would agree, go with the flow, or might deny you. Who knows what your partner’s thinking, right? It’s really challenging starting a kiss.

Here, I’ll give you some tips or signals that your partner is also thinking of kissing you :

  • Eyes become heavy and soft
  • Warm eye contact will start
  • Head will slightly turn
  • Lips usually bitten or rather licked
  • He/she touches your shoulder, brushes your hand, touches your leg, fidgets with an accessory
  • The conversation will stop but the eye contact won’t
  • Partner smiles at you as if she/he is tempting you

In reply of course, here are some actions that will let your partner also know that you’d like to it as well:

  • Relax your muscles around your eyes, somewhat expressing to be squishy without engaging your mouth
  • Smile sweetly as if you are also tempting him or her
  • Steadfast to your eye contact
  • Touch her/him (respectfully)

If this signals still makes you feel unease and unsure if your partner agreed. Let’s proceed to the next steps.


Touch your partner’s body. Like softly touch the face, slick your fingers with his/her lips, breathe at the back of his/her neck, gently massage his/her shoulders. But always remember to stay away from those private parts or what we mostly call “high-risk zones”. Stay respectful!


Let your partner feel your warmth just by looking at them. Make them feel hot and melt them by just looking at them yet soft gaze. Instead of saying a single word that you want to kiss them, try sending it just by looking at them (you know what I mean)


Slightly tilt your head or your body to give way to your partner’s positioning.


You should always remember that being Aggressive is not an answer to start this kiss. Always try to have good timing when starting up a kiss. You may get your face closer at the same time. Not you only or her/him. Keep in mind you might let your partner know that you are overextending too much.

If you’ve done all of these. Then you might be called as a good kisser. Starting up a simple kiss can have an outcome of the EXCELLENT Kissing scenario. Always take note of these: Stay RESPECTFUL and GENTLE. That’s the TWO Keys you always need to keep when you want to kiss your partner! On dating, be COOL, in kissing, be HOT!